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Information technologies develop with huge speed. This progress well influences social development and slows down process information not inclusions the population. But, also there is also a negative party: together with development of technologies methods of swindlers have improved also. All more often crimes in the field of information-communication technologies also are more often observed.

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In hotels of Pekin the system of the alarm system is entered

In Pekin enter the color coding of system of the alarm system of natural accidents, diseases and various kinds of public danger. Under the decision of a legislature of city, all incidents will be divided into four categories on colors: red, orange, yellow and dark blue. Incidents will be distributed according to their status chrezvychajnosti and prospective damage.

admin May 30 2008 4:28:34 AM Further... 67 PerusalsFor a press
How to secure itself during a trip abroad?

To facilitate the decision of many problems abroad elementary actions for maintenance of own safety before a trip will help: life insurance, health and property is desirable. All charges in connection with rendering to the victim of medical services or its transportation is incured by the victim or its relatives as in the state budget of our country means for such purposes are not stipulated. In this connection, very important condition before a trip abroad is insurance upon illness, accident or death.

admin May 30 2008 4:21:20 AM Further... 55 PerusalsFor a press
Security systems and fire signal systems
Security systems and fire signal systems now play a greater role and it is obvious. The safety of private possession and industrial targets uses active demand. For some last years the Russian firms on development of security systems and fire signal systems have designed enough complex vzryvozashchitnogo the security equipment.

admin May 30 2008 1:57:59 AM Further... 63 PerusalsFor a press
Safety of networks from Cisco

The new improved strategy of safety of company Cisco includes use of the thought over combinations of the best in the class of security systems of the protection strengthening safety of networks, various terminals, appendices and types of the content transferred on liaison channels. Cisco has declared a number of new products and the functions of safety supporting a new direction. In April, 2008 Cisco has declared a new stage of development of strategy of own safety of self-protected networks.

admin May 30 2008 1:57:30 AM Further... 57 PerusalsFor a press
Private security guards will hand over the weapon
According to the law on licensing the weapon which has come into force in 2003, security services of business concerns will be obliged to hand over the weapon after the expiration of five years' term of the license. Thus, 2008 becomes final during delivery of the weapon. Unlike the private security enterprises which number annually increases for 20-25 %, the quantity of security services recently is reduced in process of the expiration of terms of the license for the weapon.

admin May 30 2008 1:24:47 AM Further... 56 PerusalsFor a press
Ideal IP-videocamera for office
Company DSSL presents new budgetary IP-videocamera TRASSIR Lancam-CM832, ideally suitable for office application or application in the street with additional illumination of a visible range.
The chamber has unique sensitivity the ¬¼«»-MATRIX 0,4 lk, confirmed testing in comparison with other models in the market and had appeared the most sensitive.

admin May 30 2008 1:02:24 AM Further... 63 PerusalsFor a press
Коммуникационно-engineering networks will update in Nizhni Novgorod

Communication engineering networks of Nizhni Novgorod have become outdated morally and do not carry out to the full the function. For a long time it is necessary for region grammotnoe and the qualified decision of the given problem. Such decision is offered by experts "Inzhstrojregiona". Experts of the company will provide the complex approach to construction of the most different communications, including the fire signal system and security systems. Advantage of the organization available own contractors, that considerably reduces cost on services. The modern technologies used in the organization will allow to improve a condition of engineering networks in city.

admin May 30 2008 0:56:02 AM Further... 64 PerusalsFor a press
Novelty from Swedish firm AXIS Communications
Swedish firm AXIS Communications announced release of a new network television camera of the dome type P3301/P3301-V equipped by an inch-inch ¬¼«»-MATRIX, varifokalnym objective Fujinon and the shock-resistant case with a transparent dome. Chambers transfer two streams of video in formats H.264 and M-JPEG with the sanction up to 640x480 piks. And speed up to 30 to/with.

admin May 30 2008 0:42:50 AM Further... 52 PerusalsFor a press
The automated system of the complex control
The firm the PROSOFTWARE represents the automated system of the complex control (ASKK). It is a hardware-software complex with an opportunity of creation of the uniform dispatching center. In this center there is a gathering and the data processing, acting from various systems and objects.

admin May 30 2008 0:29:36 AM Further... 64 PerusalsFor a press
Buses will watch road
In the Europe the project under name MORYNE has been developed. Its basic idea – transformation of city public transport into mobile observation posts. In the near future by city buses will establish the equipment for tracking and data transmission about a situation on roads, fuses and other problems to control services of traffic.

admin May 29 2008 11:56:59 PM Further... 71 PerusalsFor a press
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